The handsets and smartphones sold in Orange Armenia shops and through from have eco-labels showing the environmental impact of the handsets in manufacturing process or as related to the materials used. Eco-rating of handsets is done according to 1-5 rating scale. The higher the eco-rating score, the less harmful the handset is for the environment.

Eco-rating is implemented in Armenia for the first time and it allows you to make a choice not only on the characteristics and specifications of the handset, but also to be a more responsible consumer when buying a phone.

Orange Armenia’s partner for environmental projects is WWF-Armenia (

As part of the partnership between Orange and WWF, Orange Armenia will also contribute to the environmental activity of WWF by donating 1% of amounts from sale of handsets and smartphones that will be directed to WWF’s environmental projects.  By buying a phone at an Orange shop, you are directly contributing to the preservation of endangered species in Armenia and the development of eco-tourism in the country.

Three indicators are used to determine the overall eco-rating of a mobile phone:
  • the limitation of CO2 emission, determined by the amount of greenhouse gases emitted at the key stages of a product’s lifecycle: manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling,
  • preservation of natural resources measures the amount of non-renewable materials (gold, silver and tin) in the product composition
  • eco-friendly design, measured by the use of limited use of hazardous substances (chemical compounds which, under unfavorable conditions of use or recycling, could pose a risk to humans or the environment), traceability of rare resources (gold, silver, tin, tantalum), the repairability of the product, the use of recycled materials.

Eco-rating methodology has been developed by Orange with the support of the BIO Intelligence Service ( and of the World Wide Fund for Nature (

Being a responsible company, Orange is happy to provide its customers in Armenia with knowledge and the means to be responsible towards the environment, which is a relatively new approach in Armenia.

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